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All papers are handprinted by the artist herself. Small colour differences can occur, make sure you order enough te work with. ( Two papers of the same print usually).

If you’re looking for a special colour or pattern, I can help you searching. There’s a lot more in stock. Please send me an email or Whatts app, so I am able to mail you photos of the papers back to you.

If you have bought already paper but need some more, I can reproduce the colour and pattern for you. Send me a small piece of the paper ( 2x4 cm) and that will help me to find the right colour to make. (Address: below)


The running direction of the paper

The paper folds easiest on the short side. The running direction of the paper is transverse (from left to right/right to left) in the photos of the papers.


Photo match

There always a difference between the colours on your screen and the ‘real stuff’ but I’ve tried to show te best colourimpression of the papers as possible.


ORDER/SHIPPING in EU (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy)

You can order and pay as you follow the steps of this webshop. It is possible that your order takes a few more days to arrive at your doorstep. You will be notified when the package is sent. I am not responsible for any damage during shipping.

Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, : Shipping costs: €8,95

(Orders in The Nederlands: shipping costs : € 3,95)


Orders outside EU:

I am working on it. Not possible at this moment, or send me an email.



Ooops what a pity. If you’re not satisfied with your puchase, you can return it. Shipping cost are at the expence of the customer and will not be returned. The remaining amout will be transferred back at the bank account number known to us as soon as the returned papers have arrived.


For questions : use the contact form ( see below) of send me email, or


company info and address:



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